Hello to all,

Based on different information that i've mainly found in this forum,
here are the cache configuration i've set up for my new servers
running Red Hat Linux :

The servers are DL 380, 1Gb Ram, with two 18Gb disks (raid1) for the
O.S, one 18Gb disk for the log, and two 18Gb disks for the cache
(/cache1 and /cache2).

The population of users is around 2000 users.

Squid has been compiled with the options :

Here the configuration for the cache

cache_dir aufs /cache1 12000 48 256
cache_dir aufs /cache2 12000 48 256
# cache_mem 8 MB
# cache_swap_low 90
# cache_swap_high 95

What do you think of my cache _dir tuning (aufs ?, L1 value,...)
Should I let the cache_mem to the default value ?
Should I let the cache_swapmem to the default value ?

Thanks by advance for your help,