Hi all!
I need to config squid with auth. For redirect I use squidGuard, for
auth - my perl script. At localnet users can access without auth. One
user cannot access from 2 (or more) IPs.
acl password proxy_auth REQUIRED
acl userip max_user_ip -s 1
acl LocalServers dst "/etc/squid/LocalServers.acl"
acl LocalNet src "/etc/squid/LocalNet.acl"

http_access allow LocalServers LocalNet
http_access allow userip LocalNet password

Users can access to net (each from own IP). But, not all can access to
localServers from localnet without auth. If
http_access allow LocalNet password
then one user can access to net from diff IPs.
How can I fix it.

And second, how can I allow users to access to redirector without auth?
(i.e. insert deny message for site (for example to http://banners.ru))
before he auth?

Sorry me for my poor English..