> Hi
> We have just installed squid 2.5 on redhat 9 using the=20
> default ncsa_auth
> Squid seems to be working fine. When a client requests an=20
> internet page,=20
> the browser pops up the basic authentication window and on successful=20
> authentication, squid serves the request.
> But Im not able to automatically authenticate to squid using the 'url=20
> login' format. ie if I request a webpage using -=20
> http://usernameassword@somesite.com/some_page , the browser=20
> still throws=20
> up the basic authentication window (meaning squid was not able to=20
> authenticate me).
> What could be the problem. I have tried to encode the=20
> username pasword in=20
> the url using base64 but no luck. Btw I have tried using IE6,=20
> Opera7 and=20
> Netscape4.7 with all failing in simillar manner.

These are 2 different things. Your expample relates to auth. data=20
needed for some remote sites.

This has nothing to do with locat authentication >before using< squid.