we have the same issues with NTLM authentication, looks like this was =
introduced with IE6 SP1 or one of the other security hotfixes because it =
worked fine before. You might want to look at MS KB 820780, this hotfix =
seems to reduce the number of authentication popups we get, also it does =
not resolve it completely. We are still testing it.
Hope this helps

>>> "Rodrigo Royo, Diego" 16.01.2004 11:57:09 =


We are testing Squid proxy, we use NTLM authentication ( by Samba 3.0. ) =
in our AD. It work fine but we have some issues for resolving.

1) We use internet explorer 6.0 SP1 and randomly an authentication pop-up =
appears, the user have just to cancel it and it works but we want to avoid =
it appearing.

2) We use Websense for content web filtering. It works fine to, but we =
don't obtain user information in reports. The Websense support team said =
that we have to pass the user to websense in a \ , not =
in a \ format. Is it possible?