I recently upgraded my proxy server to RedHat Enterprise v3. The new version
uses Apache 2.0.46 rather than Apache v1.

Everything is working great except that the .pac files are not working. The
browsers on the desktops are complaining about handling the content type: application/x-ns-proxy-autoconfig

I checked the mime types on the proxy to make sure I added the content type,
and did. Apache 2 seems to store it differently...or at least in the RH Enterprise
v3 distro. Rather than being in the httpd.conf file, it is now in the /etc/mime.types
file. I made sure the mime type was there, and I see desktop machines accessing
the .pac files when vieing the apache access.log.

Has anyone else had this problem...much less have a fix? I wanted to check here
before contacting RedHat support.