On Sun, 18 Jan 2004, Robert Smuhar wrote:

> wb_ntlmauth[15691](wb_ntlm_auth.c:441): ntlm winbindd auth helper build
> Jan 18 2004, 14:43:02 starting up...
> wb_ntlmauth[15691](wb_ntlm_auth.c:352): target domain is MYDOMAIN
> peter password
> wb_ntlmauth[15691](wb_ntlm_auth.c:289): Got 'peter password' from squid.

This is an illegal attempt to use wb_ntlmauth as a basic authentication
helper. This helper is only valid for use as a ntlm authentication helper.

ntlm helpers can not be tested manually easily as they expect binary
ntlmssp messages as input, not plain text username password like basic