I need some help with the ntlm authentication.

Following the Squid FAQ, all went well except that IE poped up a login
for the proxy, eventhough I was logged into the domain.

After removing the wb_auth helper authentication fails completely.

$ /usr/local/squid/libexec/wb_ntlmauth -d
wb_ntlmauth[15691](wb_ntlm_auth.c:441): ntlm winbindd auth helper build
Jan 18 2004, 14:43:02 starting up...
wb_ntlmauth[15691](wb_ntlm_auth.c:352): target domain is MYDOMAIN
peter password
wb_ntlmauth[15691](wb_ntlm_auth.c:289): Got 'peter password' from squid.
wb_ntlmauth[15691](wb_ntlm_auth.c:78): sending 'BH illegal request
received' to squid
BH illegal request received
wb_ntlmauth[15691](wb_ntlm_auth.c:297): Illegal request received:
'peter password'

Same thing if I do MYDOMAIN\peter password.
wb_auth -d works fine.
wbinfo -t is fine too.

redhat 9 fresh install.

Thanks in advance,