My apologies if this is answered in a FAQ somewhere... I have been searching
for a couple of hours and must not be phrasing the question properly...

I am trying to set up two separate web servers (separate hardware, one
Windows system and one Linux) with two different domain names (one for each
server). They are both behind a relatively dumb NAT server that does not
understand http. It does allow me to redirect ports (like TCP/80), so I can
redirect http to *one* of the boxes (or alternatively to another box
altogether, if needed). I was thinking I could use squid to proxy for both
systems and have it direct http traffic to the appropriate system, but I
have been unable to make that work (probably because I have squid on the
linux server...) so far.

Am I barking up the wrong tree? Is there a way to have squid "direct" the
http traffic to the right server? Is there a better answer (don't tell me
"dump the windows" server - I would if I could but I can't)?

Any help, pointers to docs/FAQs which may help, etc etc greatly appreciated.


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