On Sat, 17 Jan 2004, unixware wrote:

> Thank for yr Reply
> Redhat 9 default kernel can run multiple async-io
> processes but when compiled kernel 2.6.1 we can run 2
> squid processes.

With NPTL you should not see the threads, only the main processes (which
are 2) like when threads are not used.

If you want to see the threads then ask ps to show you the threads (-m

> i am using squid-2.5.STABLE4 from today daily snapshot
> no patch.
> i see this error mostly with urls which have cgi or
> asp in it

Ok, then it is entirely possible the warning is correct. If in doubt then
log_mime_hdrs can tell..

> when boot it default redhat 9 kernel everything seem
> to be work fine

Are you saying you do not see the keep-alive warnings when using the
standard kernel? This should be completely independent of each other.