Hi, please help!
I have set up an RH7.3 box as Domain Controller, internet gateway. Now
squid is needed with security of user acess to see who is using traffic.
I have Webmin 1.1, Squid 2.4Stable6, and SMB_auth 0.05. I can get
everything working except authentication. I have used the author's
notes. This is my debug:
[root@rhlinux root]# /usr/bin/smb_auth -W xx -U xx.xx.xx.xx -d
dummyuser xxxx
Domain name: xxx
Pass-through authentication: no
Query address options: -U xx.xx.xx.xx -R
Domain controller IP address: xx.xx.xx.xx
Domain controller NETBIOS name: xxxxxx
Contents of //RHLINUX/NETLOGON/proxyauth: allow

Which seems fine. But using the same user/password combo, or any other
valid user/pass, fails.

One other thing I should mention; when doing the make install a warning
pops up like such:

make install
gcc -O2 -Wall -DSAMBAPREFIX=\"/usr/local/samba\"
-DHELPERSCRIPT=\"/usr/local/bin/smb_auth.sh\" -c -o smb_auth.o smb_auth.c
smb_auth.c:77: warning: return type of `main' is not `int'
gcc -o smb_auth smb_auth.o
install smb_auth smb_auth.sh /usr/local/bin

Unfortunately, I know less about C than I do about B.

Please help before I resort to violence ( PCHomicide ) ;-)