I'm trying to figure out why Squid (configured as reverse proxy for Apache2)
goes on showing the (cached) old page whenever I access the site homepage:

www.domain.com or www.domain.com/

Every other page is fine.

1) If I try to change "anyotherpage.htm", Squid understands immediately that
there is something different in the page and uses the new one.

2) If I delete the same page, Squid sends a 404 correctly.

If I apply 1 and/or 2 to the homepage, Squid doesn't react accordingly...

Am I missing something? Both Squid 2.5 and Apache 2.0 have quite standard

Please note that I use a command line web page reader that shows all the
HTTP headers, so it is not due to the caching of my browser :-)

Best wishes,