Dear Henrik,

I have searched but I found "name: my user ID, for example" in the
output of LDAP. As much as I know I don't have any option about this in
squid_ldap_auth so how can I tell my squid_ldap_auth to search for a
special username? Could you provide any example?


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On Wed, 14 Jan 2004, Hamed Majnoonian wrote:

> Yes it has retuned about 89 records that I found a lot of information

> my users in my AD. The only problem that I am trying so solve is the
> argument that I should tell my Squid_ldap_auth to search my AD to
> authenticate the user.

Look into the record of one user. There should be an attribute
the login name. Then use this attribute name in your search filter.

> Also about the authentication of the last argument I used -W to have a
> login prompt when I was trying to tell ldapsearch to search my active
> directory.

You also need the -D argument in such case..