Ken wrote:
> Darren,
> The "Cacheability Engine" link pointed me to
> where I tested my
> page. Henrik hinted that it was not Squid... a second later I saw it
> was the header which was missing: my page wasn't talking to Squid.

And now that I look at the headers from the pages I thought should have
been cached, I see that I also was mistaken. Google's index has a
Cache-control: private header. Bad page to test your cache with

> As I am using Zope, I did it the Zope way: > "RESPONSE.setHeader('Cache-Control','max-age=7776000')"> The Caching
> Tutorial ( gives instructions for
> other server technologies.
> The resulting HTTP header is not visible in the HTML source
> (explained here:
> After that, I had a beer... maybe that's what you meant by 'fix'?

No, but I could see that brightening the day

Thanks to Henrik for referring us to this enlightening knowledge.

Darren Spruell
Sento I.S. Department