I'd like to do the following:

Browser --> Squid --> OWA

I've downloaded and compiled squid-3.0-PRE3-20040108 and gotten the certificate from IIS into squid.

Can anyone help with a squid.conf to allow access to the OWA server using both http and https?

Here's what I have so far but it really doesn't work...

visible_hostname whatever.algorithmics.com
cache_mgr whatever@algorithmics.com

https_port 443 cert=/opt/squid/etc/xxxxxxx.algorithmics.com.crt key=/opt/squid/etc/xxxxxxx.algorithmics.com.key \
accel defaultsite=xxxxxxx.algorithmics.com

cache_peer xxxxxxx.algorithmics.com parent 80 0 no-query front-end-https=auto

acl owa-host dst
acl all src
acl my-net src

no_cache deny owa-host

always_direct allow owa-host

http_access allow owa-host
http_access allow my-net
http_access deny all

Thanks in advance,