On Thu, 8 Jan 2004, Schuster, Dan wrote:

> When Squid sends a Proxy-Connection: close header back to a client should it
> also be closing the TCP connection?

Yes, this is what the above header signals. The connection will be closed
after this response.

> I have an instance where Squid-2.4S7 forwards a 302 redirect back to the
> client with the Proxy-Connection: close but doesn't shut down the TCP
> connection for another 15 minutes.

Then I would recommend upgrading to verify that you are not looking at a
old and since long fixed problem. A lot has happened in the 1.5 years
since 2.4.STABLE7 was released.

> There is no Content-Length header in the 302 redirect received from the web
> server, and in turn there is no Content-Length header that is passed to the
> client.

There should not be any. 302 responses should have pretty minimal headers.

> I would normally say that the tcp connection SHOULD remain open
> because the web server never closed it

Connection close is negotiated separately client<->squid and