>On Thu, 8 Jan 2004, Chris Wilcox wrote:
> > Hmm, I guess you could run wget commands on the Squid server. If you

> > wget to go through Squid, it will cache pages but is not really proxying

> > it is the Squid box making the requests for the Squid box which is not

> > behalf of' ie proxying. The proxy part I think is only when Squid makes

> > requests for clients.

>Indeed, and in the above Squid would proxy for the wget client.


>Now to the more interesting question: How do you make anything useful out
>of the above, if it is only the wget command who is using the proxy?

What you get is the ability to pre-cache content: something very useful in
schools. You can schedule wget via cron to pre-cache pages during the night
(quiet period in school browsing habits) and then during the teaching day
those pre-cached pages will load that bit quicker. Can't see why you'd want
to cache without proxying for reasons other than pre-caching though!

This all comes in useful when you're developing what I'm involved with!

> > This has the effect of pre-caching content for LAN users who may wish to
> > browse the pre-cached pages at a later date and time.




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