i have a squid with squidguard and parent proxy configured.
each region has his own DNS servers.

my proxy have some advise pages to tell users the request was denied.
from my client i can access this pages, but when i access a forbidden
site it takes a long time and parent proxy returns a DNS failure page.

i tried some acl suggested a few days ago but no success.

in november Henrik explained me how squid works.

1. Browser sends requests to local proxy.
2. Local proxy verifies it's http_access requirements, including
3a. If user not yet authenticated request is denied requesting
3b. Request is sent to squidGuard
4a. squidGuard either returns the request to Squid for further
4b. or returns that the request was blocked.
5. request forwarded to parent proxy
6. parent proxy checks it's http_access rules
7. request forwarded to Internet
8. Response from Internet to parent proxy
9. Response from parent proxy to local proxy
10. Response from local proxy to client.

so i was wondering.
if squidguard "returns that the request was blocked." (4b) why i get a
error page from parent proxy.

What am i doing wrong in squid.conf?

How can i fix it?

Elton S. Fenner
Administrador de Redes

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