Micah Anderson wrote:
> I set some 'add_header' options in my global local.cf and could not
> figure out why they were not being applied. It turns out that because I
> am using SQL user_prefs, any add_header lines I put in local.cf are just
> ignored (even though I have no global or individual add_header lines
> configured in my sql table).

That's strange. They should only be ignored if the user prefs contains a
clear_headers, or if it has an add_header for the exact same header.

Does your user_prefs or global contain a clear_headers command?

> Is there any documentation that details which options that I might
> configure in local.cf that are overridden by user prefs simply existing?

There are none that are cleared simply by the merits of user_prefs
existing. An empty prefs is the same as no prefs.
> I know I can set a @GLOBAL pref with these add_header lines if I wish,
> and I can set them for my user, but I thought that by setting them in my
> local.cf they would be honored globally as well, as certain other things
> that are set there are honored globally. I'm not sure which are and
> which are not.
> micah