mouss writes:

> Francis Russell wrote:
>> >> Even with the default DKIM scores, I finding I am getting spam that are
>> >> DKIM_VERIFIED causing the score to dip below zero and let the message
>> >> through, for example:
>> >>
>> >>
>> >
>> > that's spam relayed by a debian list. definitely a different beast...

>> I interpret those headers as spam being sent to a Debian e-mail
>> address, then forwarded to a personal address.

That is a correct interpretation. I get most of my spam this way.

> That's what I meant. Maybe I use the term "relay" too "liberally"?
> anyway, such spam is harder to stop unless you add the list relays to
> your trusted_networks.

This is something in SA that I have the hardest time understanding, the
trusted_networks and internal_networks settings. I've read all the posts
that try to clarify it and I still can't keep it straight

How would adding a list relay to my trusted_networks actually make
stopping spam easier? Doesn't that make it a network that I should spend
less time doing SA processing, because I 'trust' it?