Dan Barker wrote:
> I read it on the internet (so it has to be true) that razor2 does not
> work with Windows. ("Note that Razor support does not seem to work on
> Windows systems. Win32 users should disable the Razor tests using "score

That's a *REALLY* outdated way to disable razor2. commenting out the
loadplugin would be much better, and is the recommended way.
> My research was poorly done before my install, and I didn't find this tidbit
> of wisdom until afterwards. I did the download, untar, nmake, nmake install,
> -create, -discover, -register, loadplugin, test and roll out to production,
> and THEN found the Wiki article. I'm wondering if I should be concerned.
> Razor2 seems to work very effectively and really makes a difference in my
> installlation. 6,000 spams hit RAZOR2 in only 10K emails since install. This
> is a wonderful result. I've yet to find a false positive.
> Does anybody know what problems I was supposed to have running razor2 under
> windows? I'd really hate to find I must stop using it, but I'd certainly
> like to know in advance.

Hmm, looks like our wiki needs updating. That's quite outdated (2005),
and is probably based on even older, further outdated text from the readme.

> Dan Barker
> Environment:
> Wintel box, Celeron 3.2GHz/1G ram, IDE
> W2K Server, SP4
> IMail 8.15.hf2
> ActiveState perl:
> Spamassassin: 3.2.5
> razor-agents-sdk-2.07.tar.bz
> razor-agents-2.85.tar.bz (but it reports as 2.84 anyway)
> SpamAssassin Caller for Windows: 1.6 (www.visioncomm.net/sac)
> REF: http://wiki.apache.org/spamassassin/InstallingRazor