I read it on the internet (so it has to be true) that razor2 does not
work with Windows. ("Note that Razor support does not seem to work on
Windows systems. Win32 users should disable the Razor tests using "score

My research was poorly done before my install, and I didn't find this tidbit
of wisdom until afterwards. I did the download, untar, nmake, nmake install,
-create, -discover, -register, loadplugin, test and roll out to production,
and THEN found the Wiki article. I'm wondering if I should be concerned.

Razor2 seems to work very effectively and really makes a difference in my
installlation. 6,000 spams hit RAZOR2 in only 10K emails since install. This
is a wonderful result. I've yet to find a false positive.

Does anybody know what problems I was supposed to have running razor2 under
windows? I'd really hate to find I must stop using it, but I'd certainly
like to know in advance.

Dan Barker

Wintel box, Celeron 3.2GHz/1G ram, IDE
W2K Server, SP4
IMail 8.15.hf2
ActiveState perl:
Spamassassin: 3.2.5
razor-agents-2.85.tar.bz (but it reports as 2.84 anyway)
SpamAssassin Caller for Windows: 1.6 (www.visioncomm.net/sac)

REF: http://wiki.apache.org/spamassassin/InstallingRazor