> >> Even with the default DKIM scores, I finding I am getting spam that are
> >> DKIM_VERIFIED causing the score to dip below zero and let the message
> >> through, for example:
> >>
> >> http://micah.riseup.net/1

> >
> > that's spam relayed by a debian list. definitely a different beast...

On 09.11.08 21:28, Francis Russell wrote:
> As for DKIM, surely it's a bad thing to give it any score? It's supposed
> to be an authentication mechanism not an anti-spam mechanism in itself.

Assigning them a score is not a bad idea. Especially for failed DKIM tests.
afaik they are currently onearly zero because they are only being tested.

But assigning negative score not close to zero when DKIM test passes is very
risky and I will keep tham at scores close to 0.

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