For future reference, in the online Wiki on installing on Windows, there was a new Environmental Variable created of RES_NAMESERVER with a value of the IP of your DNS server: RES_NAMESERVER

Changing this to the new IP of the Windows DNS server solved the issue of sa-update calling the wrong IP address of the Windows DNS server...


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Shawn Berg wrote:

> I recently had to entirely re-IP a network including the server running
> Spamassassin. When I run sa-update, it just hangs at the command prompt
> with a flashing cursor; same thing happens when I run sa-update -D but
> only after it calls the channel...
> Checking my firewall logs, it appears sa-update is calling the wrong LAN
> IP of our Windows DNS server (I understand SA-UPDATE runs updates
> through DNS). I guess my question is where does sa-update cache or
> obtain this DNS address? Was it captured during the original nmake
> process? All other DNS requests from clients and or software resolve DNS
> queries just fine; no other DNS issues on this network...I was unable to
> find any reference to this IP in the sa-update.bat file.
> Running Spamassassin 3.2.5 on Windows Server 2003/Exchange 2003.

You are running a non-standard SA, so the following might be completely

Usually the DNS server(s) are defined on /etc/resolv, which in your case
could be inside the perl directory (I don't know what perl you are
using, ActivePerl or Strawberry or the real McCoy under Cygwin, just
take that into consideration).
René Berber