On Fri, 7 Nov 2008, FractalBob wrote:

> Thanks, Mouss, for the pointers, but I still don't understand where the
> addresses and phone numbers in 70_sare_evilnum come from. Can SpamAssassin
> be configured to scan a message, pick up a domain and then do a WHOIS
> search, or did someone go through a few e-mails by hand, query WHOIS using
> the domain names found and add the phone #/address info to 70_sare_evilnum?
> I kind of doubt the second possibility, but had to ask ;-)

Those rules have nothing to do with WHOIS or the domain registration data
of the sender. From the rules page:

Description: Addresses and phone numbers harvested from spam

Somebody went through a spam corpus and pulled out addresses and phone
numbers that were common. How often do you see a phone number or contact
address in a spam any more? That is information that can be used to
identify and prosecute the spammer. That's why they use hacked or
fast-flux DNS websites these days.

(Is anybody willing to do a hit analysis of the evilnum rules to see if
they indeed do have any value any more?)

A much better way to do that sort of thing now is to subscribe to the
SOUGHT ruleset, which is dynamically generated from recent spam traffic.

A SA plugin can certainly be written to perform WHOIS lookups on
information derived from a message - as an experiment I wrote one that
would look up the sending domain's registrar and compare it to a list of
registrars known to be spam-friendly. However, this is likely to be
considered abusive of the whois system and if put into production will
likely not work for long - the whois providers will likely block your
MTA's IP address fairly soon.

So in other words, SA WHOIS lookups = bad idea.

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