On 07.11.08 12:45, Samy Ascha, Xel Media B.V. wrote:
> I have recently setup a mailbox and a sa-learn script to start
> teaching SpamAssassin. This was all no problem, but:
> We have an MX group of usually about 3 MTAs, which all run their own
> content filter (amavis) and thus use their own SpamAssassin's
> database. When we are gonna start teaching SpamAssassin with sa-learn,
> I need to somehow sync the results in the journal to all these hosts.

We have group of four MTA servers. However they don't run SA on MTA level
(yet). We have users' mailboxes on shared storage cluster, so their bayes DB
is on shared space.

I'd solve your case by configuring MTA's w/o BAYES, or maybe by using users'
configs, if possible - if the mail is sent to one user, should not be a
problem. For mail sent to more users, somehow generic configuration and
filtering will be used, so users may be willing to have the mail rechecked
for spamminess.

> Has anyone got experience with syncing sa-learn between multiple MTAs?
> How did you solve this? Can SA sync with a journal in an arbitrary
> location, or does it look for it in one preconfigged place?

I am not sure if it's safe to use journal or bayes DB nfs-mounted...

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