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Dear members,

I have recently setup a mailbox and a sa-learn script to start
teaching SpamAssassin. This was all no problem, but:

We have an MX group of usually about 3 MTAs, which all run their own
content filter (amavis) and thus use their own SpamAssassin's
database. When we are gonna start teaching SpamAssassin with sa-learn,
I need to somehow sync the results in the journal to all these hosts.

I've checked out the --no-sync and --sync options and I think these
options will give me exactly the tools I need for this job.

I need to know the location of the journal though and I need to know
if there are any pitfalls when syncing a SpamAssassin with a journal
from another one on another server.

Has anyone got experience with syncing sa-learn between multiple MTAs?
How did you solve this? Can SA sync with a journal in an arbitrary
location, or does it look for it in one preconfigged place?

I hope u have some interresting thought about this issue.

Thx much and regards,
Samy Ascha

Xel Media Internet Services

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