On 07.11.08 04:02, Neil wrote:
> Is there a way to check if SPFs and DKIMs are being checked by
> SpamAssassin?

> Here is, I believe, the relevant spamassassin -D --lint output as far
> as modules go:
> [19018] dbg: dns: is Net:NS::Resolver available? yes
> [19018] dbg: dns: Net:NS version: 0.63
> [19018] dbg: diag: module not installed: Mail::SPF ('require' failed)
> [19018] dbg: diag: module installed: Mail::SPF::Query, version 1.999001
> [19018] dbg: diag: module installed: Mail:omainKeys, version 1.0
> [19018] dbg: diag: module installed: Mail:KIM, version 0.31
> My understanding is Mail::SPF is not needed if you have
> Mail::SPF::Query installed.

Yes. It's also pointless imho to ise DomainKeys and DKIM both, DKIM is
preferred afaik.

> I've not seen any sign of SPF or DKIM (or DomainKeys) checks, neither
> in any of my spam reports (and I've been checking just about every
> spam recently) nor in debug output when I've run specific spams
> through spamassassin manually.

Did you enable network checks?

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