> FractalBob wrote:
> >Can SpamAssassin be configured to use the domain in the sender e-mail
> >address
> >or in the message content itself as an input parameter to, say, a WHOIS
> >search, in order to locate either the sender or his ISP? I know this would
> >be expensive, since it would require going out to the network, but it could
> >be really useful. TIA!

On 07.11.08 09:43, mouss wrote:
> - there is no usable whois interface for that. most whois sites will
> blacklist you if you knock them too much.
> - since spammers often forge the sender address, you don't really care
> of the corresponding whois infos.

However there are RelayCountry and ASN plugins that do some statistics with
countries and autonomous systems th4e mail wass passing through.

That is usable mostly for the BAYES filtering.
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