Is there a way to check if SPFs and DKIMs are being checked by

Here is, I believe, the relevant spamassassin -D --lint output as far
as modules go:
[19018] dbg: dns: is Net:NS::Resolver available? yes
[19018] dbg: dns: Net:NS version: 0.63
[19018] dbg: diag: module not installed: Mail::SPF ('require' failed)
[19018] dbg: diag: module installed: Mail::SPF::Query, version 1.999001
[19018] dbg: diag: module installed: Mail:omainKeys, version 1.0
[19018] dbg: diag: module installed: Mail:KIM, version 0.31

My understanding is Mail::SPF is not needed if you have
Mail::SPF::Query installed.

I've not seen any sign of SPF or DKIM (or DomainKeys) checks, neither
in any of my spam reports (and I've been checking just about every
spam recently) nor in debug output when I've run specific spams
through spamassassin manually.