Per Jessen wrote:
> Occasionally I'd like to do something like this:
> whitelist_from_rcvd * /^smtp[0-9]+\.orange\.fr$/
> The situation is that is relaying mail through their provider,
> which has a number of smtp servers named If I were
> to stick to the current whitelist_from_rcvd, I'd only be able to do:
> whitelist_from_rcvd *
> But that opens to emails from also being accepted when sent
> from e.g. ADSL and dial-up lines on I think actually it
> would be in this case,

Indeed. they use "" ("abo" stands for "abonné", french for
"subscriber"). even if they switch to, I guess they would use
"" or something like that (but this would not be a small
change, so I don't se it coming in the short/medium term).

BTW. Since few years, have started blocking port 25. not yet
complete though. (the few I've seen lately are listen on zen and sorbs).

> but you get the idea.


> Has anyone already looked at this?