At 15:00 06-11-2008, Joe Dragotta wrote:
>Not being very experienced in SA administration, I didn't know if SA
>would process the same email twice, or if it kept track of message
>IDs and only processed them once. Thusly, I needed to know whether
>or not my originally described scenario would send the emails to SA
>twice, and subsequently, if SA would filter them twice; which
>apparently is the case.

The message would be processed twice. It won't be learned twice by
the Bayesian filter. SpamAssassin does content analysis. It doesn't
filter messages. When you pass a message to SpamAssassin, it
analyses the content and returns a score. In your case, it's
procmail that does the filtering by redirecting the message.

>In any event, I am moving to use the spamd/c combination, in lieu of
>invoking SA from procmail.

By using spamd, you avoid the startup overhead. spamc will pass the
message to the spamd daemon and get the result.