On Thu, 6 Nov 2008, Joe Dragotta wrote:

> However some email was making it through for processing by the user
> level procmailrc file, being again forwarded to SA, and then SA was
> rewriting the subject to ID it as spam (the user_prefs file was not set
> to send spam to /dev/null). Thusly, I was receiving a small amount of
> email tagged as spam.

This actually is somewhat plausible. A given user may be less tolerant of
spam than your general user community is, and may wish to score messages
more aggressively than your global rules do. Of course, whether or not you
allow one of your users to do so is up to you as the admin...

Also, running SA from the user's .procmailrc file allows users to opt out
of spam filtering, assuming you wish to offer that option.

SA (whether or not via user_prefs) cannot be configured to send
messages anywhere - all SA does is score. What is configured to deliver
messages to /dev/null is procmail, based on the score SA assigns.

> In any event, I am moving to use the spamd/c combination, in lieu of
> invoking SA from procmail.

You can invoke spamc from procmail, as many times as
you want, just as you can invoke the full spamassassin program.
you mean "Procmail is going to run spamc rather than spamassassin"?

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