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> I don't wish to become involved in a long debate, and get off topic, but
> how are methods of invoking SA are not SA business? To me that seems
> like an integral part of using SA. SA doesn't do much if it isn't
> invoked.

Take your question and anywhere you mention SA substitute the name of
another program. If the question is still reasonable and sensible, then
the question isn't really about the program procmail is calling, it's
about procmail.

>>>> Being fairly new to Spamassassin administration, I have a fairly
>>>> basic question about host resource usage.
>>>> I would presume that if the global procmailrc file, in /etc/,
>>>> forwards mail to Spamassassin, and the users have individual
>>>> .procmailrc files, in their home directories, which also forward mail
>>>> to Spamassassin, any mail destined for such a user would be filtered
>>>> twice.
>>>> Is that a correct assumption?

To answer your question: yes. Procmail will pass a message through SA
twice in that scenario. How would the program being called as a filter
have any control over that?

To answer what I believe you're really asking, SA does nothing to attempt
to detect whether a message has already been scanned and scored, as
whatever test it used to detect that scanning would be subject to spoofing
by spammers who wished to forge a low score on the message.

Basically if you're running SA at the global level you should tell your
users to not run SA themselves.

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