On Thu, 6 Nov 2008, Mark Martinec wrote:

> Luis,
>> I was doing some tests with all the recommendations you sent me...
>> and I can make to work the server correctly... I was filtering spam with
>> no problems and my performances troubles dissapeard...
>> I just configured 5 procs for amavis and postfix content filter and
>> I turn off the network tests... the server can filter a lot of spam and
>> delivery quickly... but now appears another problem

> With your 4 CPU 4 GB mem box you should be able to run more than 4
> amavisd(+SA) processes. As a rule of a thumb, I'd say your box should
> not have trouble running 20..30 processes.

I haven't ran amavisd-new on our servers yet. However, I do run SA
directly out of Postfix on a server with 4x3.5Ghz dual core zeon
processors with 12Gb of RAM. I haven't had any issues with the following
startup params:

--min-children=10 --max-children=40 --min-spare=10 --max-spare=20

and haven't ran into any issues for over a year now. This server handles
an average over six million connections every 24 hours at present. I am
getting ready to toss more RAM at the server as connections have