Per Jessen wrote:

> Matus UHLAR - fantomas wrote:
>> On 05.11.08 12:09, Per Jessen wrote:
>>> I have a very unusual situation (I think):
>>> I am running the exact same system (it was cloned) on several
>>> single-core and dual-core systems. The only difference is in the
>>> hardware, i.e. some systems are dual-core.

>> cloned? Do you have the same OS kernel with support for more CPUs and
>> CPUs with more cores on both machines?

> Yes, it's the same SMP kernel on all machines.
>>> I am running spamd with maxchild=25 (the actual number in use is
>>> controlled externally).

>> externally?

> Sorry, I should have explained - the number of callers of spamd is
> being controlled elsewhere.

Which is - I'm almost certain - where the problem lies. I don't know
why only the dual-core machines were hit by this. Thanks for

/Per Jessen, Z├╝rich