On 05.11.08 12:09, Per Jessen wrote:
> I have a very unusual situation (I think):
> I am running the exact same system (it was cloned) on several
> single-core and dual-core systems. The only difference is in the
> hardware, i.e. some systems are dual-core.

cloned? Do you have the same OS kernel with support for more CPUs and CPUs
with more cores on both machines?

> I am running spamd with maxchild=25 (the actual number in use is
> controlled externally).


> The single-core systems vary from two to five, sometimes six. Perfectly
> normal. On the dual-core systems, I never see more than two active
> children. Not normal.

Why not normal? Maybe the dualcore CPU can handle all mail fast enough so
there's no need for spawning more children

> Notice that the single-core system reports "handled cleanup of child pid
> nnnnn due to SIGCHLD" which is never seen on the dual-core system, and
> that the dual-core reports "child nnnnn killed successfully", which is
> never seen on the single-core system. What am I missing here?

While I am not sure what do those messages mean, I think that there should
be no difference between handling of processes independently on number of
CPUs/cores whatever. I guess that's problem of OS, not SA.
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