Justin Mason wrote:
> mouss writes:
>> Justin Mason wrote:
>>> mouss writes:
>>>> [snip]
>>>> will vbounce tag this message?
>>> Nope

>> hmmm. It does trigger BOUNCE_MESSAGE here (both my message and your reply):
>> [71842] dbg: rules: ran one_line_body rule __BOUNCE_OOO_1 ======> got
>> hit: "I will be on vacation from"
>> ...
>> [71842] dbg: rules: ran eval rule __HAVE_BOUNCE_RELAYS ======> got hit (1)
>> ...
>> [71842] dbg: check:
>> Am I missing something?

> It came via a whitelisted relay, on my setup, as designed.

not sure I understand. all mail you get comes via your whitelisted
relay. so what is the difference between a message I send you that
contains the "I will be ..." and a bounce from my server?

and anyway, my post and your reply were not bounces, whether they came
via a whitelisted relays or not. dunno how the rules could be enhanced
to detect "discussions and quoting" vs real bounces.