Kelson wrote:
> Per Jessen wrote:
>> I guess it's a matter of opinion, but an email address is a significant
>> part of a corporate identity - you don't go around changing it ad-hoc,
>> and you certainly try to avoid having one domain in your email-address
>> and another on your brochures and businesscards.

> Exactly. That sort of thing would train users to expect your company's
> email to come from multiple and/or unfamiliar domains, such that they
> will be less likely to notice phishing attempts that claim to be your
> company but come from other domains.

- how many users would see the address part in

From: joe at rssgmbh

- and regarding phishing, those users who "will be less likely to
notice" will never notice anyway, whatever you do.

- if your marketers decide to use instead of, don't come crying that it is blocked because it
contains "porn".

I do understand the trademark/name/identity/IP/... issues, and I do
understand that OP should not be forced to play such games, but if he
has no other way to get his mail delivered to his recipients, then he
can ask his boss/mgmt/mktg/president/... whether it's acceptable to play
these games in order to get mail out.