> Uhmm... interesting. What exactly might cause this?
> I tried to trigger this behaviour bouncing and forwarding mails from
> different accounts but never saw the __BOUNCE_RPATH_NULL tag.

Might just be our mail server software. It's something we've worked around.

> But I do agree with Karsten (or Guenther?) that we shouldn't raise the
> score. But my problem is that I cannot explain to all of my users how
> to setup a filter for this SA-tag in their MUA or in smartsieve. They
> either can't or don't want to know such deeply technical things. :-(

We set up server side filters for SPAM that users can enable or disable,
is this something you could do in your environment? This would
essentially remove the onus from your users to have to configure it
client side.


Earl (Bob) Kinney
Manager of Research Computing
Harvard-MIT Data Center