On 2008-11-03, 10:13, Bob Kinney wrote:

> but had one unfortunate side effect: E-mail forwarded from another
> account to an account on our servers was considered a "bounce"
> because it hit __BOUNCE_RPATH_NULL.

Uhmm... interesting. What exactly might cause this?
I tried to trigger this behaviour bouncing and forwarding mails from
different accounts but never saw the __BOUNCE_RPATH_NULL tag.

> YMMV, so I recommend testing the rule with the default score
> (i.e. not using it to mark SPAM) first.

Yepp, that's what I started doing last week. :-)

But I do agree with Karsten (or Guenther?) that we shouldn't raise the
score. But my problem is that I cannot explain to all of my users how
to setup a filter for this SA-tag in their MUA or in smartsieve. They
either can't or don't want to know such deeply technical things. :-(


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