Matthias Leisi wrote:

> mouss schrieb:
> >>> reject_backscatter =
> >>> reject_rbl_client
> >>
> >> Which will very likely result in a lot of false positives.

> >
> > an FP here would mostly be: a bounce from a 3d party that is listed on
> > do you get a lot of such mail?

> No, an FP is an FP. lists a lot of perfectly valid
> mailservers, and outright blocking at the MTA with that list is a bad idea.

The above statement is true but does not address the context in which
mouss suggests using the blacklist. If you are checking IPs against the
list *only* for bounces, the chances of FPs is immensely decreased. He
never suggested checking *all* connecting IPs against that list.

Sahil Tandon