I have spamd setup to use bayes in a mysql database, works fine. I've
turned off auto-expiry and instead run a cronjob to expire in the middle
of the night (removes about 40k tokens on a run). I've made the DB
innoDB so it can handle locking better. I've got mysql-based user prefs
coming from the same database server, and that works (not everyone wants
bayes). Autolearning is working, I chew through a lot of mail every day,
in general everything seems fine.

Except that my spamd server is overloaded, so I need a second one. So I
set up another spamd instance, with the exact same configurations as the
first, fire it up and it immediately starts blocking on the bayes
work. Average scantimes go from 1-2 seconds up to 35+ and the max
children get eaten up by blocking on the bayes work to the point where
its pointless because too many processes are blocked. If I disable the
bayes_sql stuff in my local.cf, scantimes drop back to their expected
average of 1-2 seconds, but of course none of the BAYES tests will fire
and autolearning fails.

What gives?