Per Jessen wrote:
> Greg Troxel wrote:
>> Asking someone to change their domain name to match an SA rule seems
>> a bit extreme to me! Why not propose that de establish a gmbh 2nd
>> level for companies, and make him
>> FROM_DOMAIN_NOVOWEL was logged for only 3 messages here yesterday,
>> of
>> 1.3 million logged as scoring 7.0 and higher. All 3 were fps:
>> (twice)
>> (That second one had a long consonant string to the left of the @
>> sign.)
>> It is perhaps extreme, but even if the rule is fixed not to FP, I
>> suspect (but have no data) there will be lingering trouble from older
>> installations. From the business point of view one has to weigh the
>> cost of FPs and the cost of changing the name. I would probably
>> change names, since it really isn't that hard.

>>From the business point of view, one also has to consider the cost

> involved in changing all the stationery, website, businesscards,
> brochures, etc etc etc ...

it is not necessary to change these. a second domain name that points to
the "primary" one is enough (how about

not ideal, but may be needed since even if the scores are fixed in SA,
many sites won't update, and let's not speak about sites using
proprietray technos that have similar rules (such rules come "naturally"
after you received spam with unpronounceable names...).