Greg Troxel wrote:

> Asking someone to change their domain name to match an SA rule seems
> a bit extreme to me! Why not propose that de establish a gmbh 2nd
> level for companies, and make him
> FROM_DOMAIN_NOVOWEL was logged for only 3 messages here yesterday,
> of
> 1.3 million logged as scoring 7.0 and higher. All 3 were fps:
> (twice)
> (That second one had a long consonant string to the left of the @
> sign.)
> It is perhaps extreme, but even if the rule is fixed not to FP, I
> suspect (but have no data) there will be lingering trouble from older
> installations. From the business point of view one has to weigh the
> cost of FPs and the cost of changing the name. I would probably
> change names, since it really isn't that hard.

>From the business point of view, one also has to consider the cost

involved in changing all the stationery, website, businesscards,
brochures, etc etc etc ...

/Per Jessen, Z├╝rich