On Oct 31, 2008, at 11:23 AM, Michael Scheidell

> I need a domain registry who won't spam me every two weeks with crap
> and argue that since I am a client of theirs, its not a violation of
> can-spam laws to spam me and refuse to stop. And, no, I can't
> change the email address because then we won't get REALLY important
> announcements, like someone just tried to re-register my domain.
> First spam, maybe (but I always opt out of any 'spam the crap out of
> me because I am stupid enough to buy from you' options).
> First spam, maybe, if they provide an opt out link and honor it.
> But if they don't provide an opt out link, and if email to abuse@domaindirect.com
> bounces since they obviously are ignorant of the RFC's, or as in
> the case of the previous one(dotster), their WEEKLY SPAM got so bad,
> that AWL, bayes, and reputation filters started to score them as
> spam, that I had to make a choice: whitelist them so that I get any
> emergency, billing, change of dns important emails, or move.
> I did.. from one spammy registrar to another one.
> So, who do you use? I don't want to have to whitelist them because
> they are in DNS blacklists already, and I don't want them sending me
> 'important offers from our partners that you just can't live without'.
> Who?

I use PairNIC -- highly recommended. Good luck.