I need a domain registry who won't spam me every two weeks with crap and
argue that since I am a client of theirs, its not a violation of
can-spam laws to spam me and refuse to stop. And, no, I can't change
the email address because then we won't get REALLY important
announcements, like someone just tried to re-register my domain.

First spam, maybe (but I always opt out of any 'spam the crap out of me
because I am stupid enough to buy from you' options).

First spam, maybe, if they provide an opt out link and honor it.

But if they don't provide an opt out link, and if email to
abuse@domaindirect.com bounces since they obviously are ignorant of the
RFC's, or as in the case of the previous one(dotster), their WEEKLY SPAM
got so bad, that AWL, bayes, and reputation filters started to score
them as spam, that I had to make a choice: whitelist them so that I get
any emergency, billing, change of dns important emails, or move.

I did.. from one spammy registrar to another one.

So, who do you use? I don't want to have to whitelist them because they
are in DNS blacklists already, and I don't want them sending me
'important offers from our partners that you just can't live without'.


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