Greg Troxel wrote:
> we have some problems with the email-address of our company. When we
> write emails to people with a address, the receiver won't
> get the email because it's in the spam folder.
> Gmx's support told us that they use spam assassin.
> Can you help us? Can you verify that we are no spam but a serious company?
> Or is it gmx's business to do so?
> Thank you so much!
> Marie Licht
> I will assume that you are finding substantially all mail filtered by
> gmx, and that the mail is similar to the one you sent to the list
> (rather than some sort of newsletter or advertising, which is an
> entirely different story).
> While it is gmx's responsibility to deal with what appears to be
> incorrect filtering, many people use spamassassin and whatever is
> happening at gmx is likely to happen elsewhere.
> You will almost certainly either need to study the documentation at
> or get help from someone who knows it in
> order to fully understand this message, but I hope it will make sense
> anyway.
> I ran your mail through spamassassin with the -t option, asking it to
> explain which tests fired and why, and the resulting scores. Your basic
> problem is that rssgmbh is a domain name with 7 non-vowel characters in
> a row. The following spamassassin rule detects domains with 7 or more
> non-vowel characters:
> header FROM_DOMAIN_NOVOWEL From =~ /\@\S*[bcdfghjklmnpqrstvwxz]{7}/i
> describe FROM_DOMAIN_NOVOWEL From: domain has series of non-vowel letters

Note: there's already a bugzilla open about the FPs on this rule: