I have had it with spaces live random url spam. we get thousands of
them, most from zombots, and idiots at hotmail want a valid live account
to process the complaint"

"Thank you for reporting spam to the Windows Live Hotmail Support Team. This is an auto-generated response to inform you that we have received your submission. Please note that you will not receive a reply if you respond directly to this message.

Unfortunately, in order to process your request, Hotmail Support needs a valid Windows Live Hotmail hosted account."

this looks for it, assigns some reasonable scores, and if (add your
favorite shortcut) bumps it up another 5.

uri ST_SPACES /\.spaces\.live\.com/$
score ST_SPACES 5 3 4 2

tflags ST_SPACES_BUMP net

Michael Scheidell, CTO
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* Certified SNORT Integrator
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* Information Security Award 2008, Info Security Products Guide
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