On 29.10.08 17:18, Nelson Serafica wrote:
> I'm using spamassassin 3.2.5. Now, I must a whitelist_from containing *@
> foo.com in my local.cf.
> However, there are still 1 email that has been tagged as spam.

Only one? show the headers or upload it somewhere..

> In my understanding, if a domain was in whitelist_from, even if it was
> tagged as spam, it will delivered to the recipient.

No, It will have -100 points added, so it should get classified as not spam
(ham). It seems does not work.

> I restart the spamd after I edit
> local.cf so it must take effect.
> Is this the right way to whitelist? As I check, when using 3.2.5, this is
> the right way of whitelisting a domain.

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