On 10/28/08, Ned Slider wrote:
> Luis Croker wrote:
> > Hi... I have done tests with 10 processes, 30, 50, 100 and the
> > results are the same... I have 4 Gb RAM and spamd is not running...
> > Regards.
> >

> You also need to make sure the maxproc column of the feed to amavisd in
> /etc/postfix/master.cf matches whatever you've set the $max_servers setting
> to in /etc/amavisd.conf (ie, they should be the same). I note you said this
> was the case in a previous mail.

From what I understand from:

Only 20 maxproc will be used, even if you specify higher in the
smtp-amavis transport in master.cf. If you need more than 20, better
to leave at the default (-) and set:
smtp-amavis_destination_concurrency_limit = N
in main.cf

For your setup, I would try between 20 and 30 for the value of N
(along with $max_servers)

6 seconds seems somewhat typical. Mostly due to network tests. Some
RBLs are no longer and you could turn the non functional RBL rules off
by setting to 0. I'm not sure which ones though. Maybe someone else

Gary V